Saturday, April 25, 2009


A month I love the most..
Because of my name?
Month of birth?
I also don't know...
Just like it very much...

Full of sweet memories,
many unforgotten incidents..
All in MAY..

Looking forward coming May..
A point of changes perhaps the most important in my life ever
Well, 21st a legal age for being adult in fact, would like being treat as little girl..Lol
21st.. what I have done before?
Look back those stupid things done, crazy life ever..
May, you've got to be matured!!
21st, you've got to pick all those responsibilities
to yourself
to life
to family
to future
to the world!
No ways for you to escape anymore..NO MORE REASONS!!

A new life getting start
the life live together with Babe..
I can just imagine, I will have a wonderful final year here..
Come on, Babe~ Love you much!

Babe, my intimate?
Although sometimes babe just like blur..
But you are the most sincere..
Comfort to stay with..Lol..Fly~~

Alright, no more to share with..
Hopes for a wonderful ever May for this coming month..