Wednesday, April 8, 2009

~Ad Time~

My Favorite choice for breakfast!
What to eat for breakfast in S3?
I personally found that the greatest breakfast offering here
in walking distance?
is the Coti Canai
by a malay couple..
Available only on weekend morning
Don't know the business hour
but normally knock off around 11am
but you have got to queue long
sometimes an hour to get your food..
They are very nice person,
and the food also TOP!!
Roti kosong
80 cent
Roting planta bulat
Rm 1.50
Good Good!
Nasi Lemak there also not bad..
Rm 1.20
At road 50 something there..
Get to try ya~
No picture to show
May try get later..
New Finding!
Choice for dinner..

Every afternoon when I go home
will see many cars stop there, a roadside stall
I'm wondering, what so tasty selling there?

And I have got a chance to stop there too,
because not many people there
( Lazy to queue ^^)

Oh, selling Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng

What so special?
Erm, maybe the Fried Chicken is hot..
so, tasty?
or the Amoi cantik selling Nasi lemak there?
I feel okay lo, can eat!
Rm 3.50
at road 30 something there..
-Ad End-

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