Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lame May!

Oh no, May become lazier and lazier
Or originally, she is that lazy??
Final is around the corner
but never start anything
even projects also not yet finish,
two more to go...lame!
Suddenly feel like no direction
no motivation
Who I'm,
Where I be,
What to do??
Studying non-stop,
people ask me "May, you not tired of study?"
Others may have holidays for months in year,
but you....
Sure, sometimes May get upset,
tired, lost direction
but she can recover herself in short..
May deserves the following list for short satisfication:
  1. Watch ' The Sniper' for Edison (Dreamman)
  2. Go Genting - Balas dendam to the Pak Guard by throwing IC on his face, yell at him "I'M 21st"
  3. A vacation - Oversea?
  4. A shoulder??
  5. Presents for my birthday? Requested! hehe..

haha...too demand!

May, stop dreaming..

Go work..."~


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