Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hell Life??

One day Life start with a cup of Coffee
What a wonderful life??
IPOH White Coffee, be with me in the hell age
Aligatto~A day energy source..
Coffee Addict?

No Way, it is beauty killer..
Leave behind after final, I promise!

What a must in study time?
Picture shown..Lol

And also my lovely phone
Can't live without you~
Today going start to kill Audit..
Audit! I very 'bo song' you long time already
K.O. you today!

** Custard Bread so naughty
Swam in my coffee when I was away last drown..
K.O in my stomach
I wish those in final
~Aja Aja Fighting~

May 'Sot' jorr..Soliloquize..


  1. SWT...wat da heck were u writing?lolz
    hey i drink old town white coffee as well, wif hazelnut flavour...yummy yummy!
    all da best lo=)