Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Semester break

Hi friends.... Sem break end...
Although a very short month
But it was meaningful^^

May's break start with an 1k lucky draw prize
-A Luggage- What??
A luggage cost 1k?
At first I'm not really want to believe that,
anyhow I saw its retail price - 1140. !@#$%^&*

Went shopping at Sunway Piramid,
harvested few garments...^happy^
since so long no shopping already.
But my cute bro said that
everytimes I went shopping also said
"long time no shopping" Do I? kaka......

Watched 2012, a movie story about the end of the world soon,
how do you think? Will it be??
It is nice, most of the people said so,
but I think " comm si comm ca" la^*

Had famous "Fish Head Mi" at Kuchai Lama
then we head on to Cap Square...
OMG... my friends, have you ever heard about CS?
Please don try to find out, it may disappointed you, as myself..
Thought it is a nice place but once I visited there,
only one word can describing it -Charm-
It is an Indian parade!
You cannot imagine that every step,
every people you could see beside Indian, no others.
My god, really disappointed since we try so hard to find it out.

At night, we went The Curve for movie -Twilight-
It is really good... check it out^^
The Christmas atmosphere is rounding KL city..
The decoration in shopping mall,
many stalls selling Christmas's theme stuff,
it is so warm... eventhough Christmas should be in snow.
These are some pictures I could share, taken at The Curve.

Hee... another 2 days 1 night trip to Penang on 30 Nov^^
This is a food trip so we had tried our very best,
searched blogs, find recommendations...

The first day we arrive there was went to Queensbay Mall.
A shopping mall at sea side.
Every breath is full of sea aroma.

Struggling for a place to stay...
Look look and look, lastly, we found that motel wass the best choice
by the prices, by the location.
-Friendship Motel- at Penang Street! RM 58

Dinner, dinner... we lost..
Turning at the same place Dato Keramat,
Damn iPhone...
The compass lost function after ikee virus actacked,
we could not find our exact location towards Gurney Drive.
zzzz... Stop at Bandar Air Hitam for dinner.
Penang Char Kuey Teow RM 3
Wan Tan Mee RM 2.80
Ba Bao Herba Tea RM 1.10
Apom Pandan RM 2
Popiah RM 2
Total RM 10.90

At last, we get Gurney Drive at 9 something,
walked along the seaside,
felt the massage of sea wind on your face, relaxe^^
We tried Rojak RM 3
Apom Coconut RM 2
Mua Chi RM 1
Total RM 6

Second day started with breakfast at Jalan Pasar,
Pulau Tikus.
Char Kuey Teow with egg RM 3.50
taking with Milo, Milo Ais RM 2.80
Putu Mayam (Pandan) RM 1
Total 7.30

This Putu Mayam with pandan taste is very nice,
the indian uncle was doing the putu mayam on the spot,
every hot mayam let you try the best of its taste^^

Kek Lok Si, I'm not so sure that did I visit before...hee
we had our lunch at Jalan Pasar...
2x Penang Laksa RM 5.40
Si Guo Liang Shui RM 2
and, Ais Kacang opposite there RM 2
Total RM 9.40
The Penang Laksa is full of Saddin taste,
little sour little hot...

Spent around 3 hours there...
Don't know how many ''fo" we prayed..
Went Jalan Shatow for Ice Kacang for dinner
Fruity Ice Kacang RM 4
Prawn Mee RM 3
Banana Crispy Crunch RM 2
Total RM 9

Visited Gurney Drive once more for the APOM
Char Kuey Teow RM 3.50
Plum Drink ( Nice!) RM 1.80
Total RM 5.30

I love Penang Apom very much...
It is snack food that you must find out when go Penang.

Food and Motel RM 100.90
Souveniour RM 40
Penang Bridge Toll RM 7
Plus Toll RM 43 (go) RM 38.90 ( Back)
Petrol RM 70
Add miscellanous spending...
This was an exact RM 300 budget Trip...wahaha...

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