Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tonight’s Dreams, Tomorrow’s Memories


15 August 2009, once again we were here – The Mines Hotel

Time flies, we are already third year supersenior.

Never think of it, and never feel it.

And now, when become VIP, sitting in front, marking their performance, You know!

You are no more a freshman, is someone going to graduate soon…


First picture we took together, all 2007/2008 batch exco!

First year, no chance!

Second year, no enough time!

Third year, nothing can stop us from taking this photo^^

Appreciate, although we are from different parts of Malaysia,

we come to UKM, we know each other, we do projects together

We have fun; we have joys, we are flying together..^^

Hopeful, eventhough you guys would not tell others May is your good friend, but in fact, we put all in heart

You know you are my friend, and May is always there for you! >,~


This guy, Johnson Wong!

My mister and king as well…

Thanks for covering me so much,

thanks for your co-operation,

thanks for your concern…

Although we are not so close,

but you are my mister and king forever!

Keep in touch…

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