Sunday, March 29, 2009

60 Earth Hour

Hai friends, do you join 60 earth hour?
Go candle light, support Earth Hour!
28.3.2009 [8.30-9.30pm]

Cities across the world will turn off their lights for just one hour to take action against global warming.
I think we see this anouncement everywhere,
but how many of us really take in action?

I went to Alamanda, Putrajaya
Sadly, not many shoppers there join the program.
I have noticed only some on the international brand outlets had turn off thier board lights.
I think this program will be more people join in KL...
Why not going KL??!!

Yes, people cant live without all these technology inventions,
just like people need food and drink.
But at least we have done something show our concern to the global's crisis,
I think this is our responsibility.

Yeah, I had my room's light off on the time...hehe...Did you??

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