Saturday, November 6, 2010

Little break

Hell know my busy life, the only one.

the only word I can say about my life recently.

Working life has cut me from connecting outside
I have got no energy to online,
no time for entertainment,
no even for my beauty sleep anymore.

Dear, I'm tired.
Who drag me out?
I don't want to be suffered.
I want an easy life.
Bitter before sweet?
*bull shit!*

But I like...
Like to be exhausted...
I like the bitterness in life...
I enjoy tiredness,
I know I'm not deserve an easy life.
All I know,
I need to fight for every single thing
with a pair of hand

Yes, I do~


  1. suffering without the existence of me... haha...all the best!


  2. Hey KKM!!

    Be Brave like the old days...
    Be Crazy like the old days...
    Be Fun like the old days...

    Life is full of possibility and unlimited fun-filled experiences.

    You are so Young!!

    So PLEASE wake up from the tedious life and Do not ever claim that you have no choice or you have to do it! You make your own choice and do the right thing!

    Never waste your precious time!

    Live young! Be Fun!

    Be KKM! =p

    Your best friend,
    Jack Gan