Sunday, July 5, 2009

Endau Rompin - Selai Camp

First time camping,
2 days 1 night at reserved forest..
a very fresh experience yet relax and joyful^^
I'm the cameraman so...
not much my pictures were taken, so sad..sobs...^^
Our Kitchen...
in the process of cleaning..My little angels, playing on their own
while I was assigned to look after them..zz..
Our lunch on first day
'Asam Bee Hun'Finger Licking Good~~
"Nan-Ru Fried Chicken"
A lovely sunny day

We went swimming
The water is killing cold..
very rocky..Dangerous!
However, it is clear though can see the fishes..

Haiz, after swimming so tired
my napping time...zz..
After nap, is time to set up our camp...Lolz
This is my brother in-law,
3 minutes to set up a camp...Fuyoohh~~
Tea time - Mee Siam
They said:" Girl please go away, is man's kitchen in the jungle" Lolz
After tea, May went shower and Zzz again...

Our dinner
Ikan ... (donnoe what)
Because I was sleep, so no time to capture our dinner dishes
Actually we had rice with veges and Asam Mixed Seafood^^
After dinner was coming to nine o'clock
Nothing to do at night and many of them back into their camp Zzz
I was still full so sitting there, listening to mans' talk
Listening their experiences in camping, jungle, races... damn cool~
Having 'Calsberg' beer for a better sleep
Its really work, because I had a good rest instead....

The second day start from 9pm when I woke up
Breakfast - Chicken porridge..
Haiz, I was late so didn't capture any picture too =p
Swimming, packing, tidy up camp site...

Lunch - fast food
We had French Fries, Fried Chicken, hot dog...

Went another site, feed fish!
I killed this in 3 minutes...Lolz^^

My favorite tree there... Unique man~~
And this is among my favorite picture
It's cool~ Like it much...comment please!
Second favorite!
Erm, my capturing skill still pass right?? ^^
Coming to the end of my camping
Gain a new experience
Fruitful break; and
Miss Dear much!

I was gain also a new nickname
'Sleeping God'
Because my life there only eat and sleep..
contribute nothing...
Have to keep fit now = ='


  1. Wow dear, u hav a really great camping experience! i like the two angels of urs, so cute! may i hav their msn o hp no?hehe
    btw ur sleepin pose is really tempting...lolz

  2. wah.. nice play to hike huh! cmt on that pic- not bad. cuz it's like balance wit front middle n bek.. now heng takin pics huh.. Avex can giv some guidance not.. : )

  3. lolz...
    Nothing to do in the jungle,
    so I went around with my camera to capture some unique natural scene..^^
    I'm not pro as Avex, he own new dsl now
    This is what we call Pro...^^