Friday, May 29, 2009

Sem 3 = Honeymoon?? ^^

Sem 3 = Honeymoon??
Do you agree with the statement?

It means to me so..
Been to lots places in these past few weeks:
  • BP - visit fos Daddy
  • Muar - Thai Seafood^^ ( recommended by bl@)
  • Mini Waterfall
- the place full of sweet memories with dear friends,
feel different after many years didn't visit there^^
  • YP - Family Gathering, Granma Birthday~
  • Malacca + PD Trip
- A'Famosa : "sate culup" gosh, fresh try~
- Jonker street : a bit disappointed, Cheras Pasar Malam also longer than it..Haiz..
- PD : sat for hours, just to feel the sea, also a chance for me to know someone better..GOOD^^
  • Cinema - few movies..^^
Yeah, this was basically what I have done..
So great^^

Haha...this morning Bl@ have got a new trying
Played 'Golf'
Lol.. feel pain from deep bones..=P

I'm enjoying, the days after final..
Thanks for those accompanied me..
Traveling, shopping, watching movies... Aligatto~

XX, but mid coming..
Tomorrow morning - Law!
Sh?t, not finish study yet..
Seriously, I have totally no mood to study..
Hey, just finish final mid coming, after mid final coming again...
RESCUE ME please...Anyone??


  1. LOL~~~ i agree v u... jz few week only go for so many places jor o...
    wer is ur next traveling places arr???
    As i noe u also didn't have any long holiday or sem break b4 o... LOL...
    Study for almost 20 year jor, really will tire ler~~~ is time for u to hav a rest n hav a breath...
    u really nid a rest 1st~~~ i thk after hav a rest u will find sum mood to study ba...
    nid to take care urself well well o... sayang ya...
    Am i hav a chance to rescue u...LOL~~~

  2. Sem 3= Honeymoon??…
    Erm…I think you are. After last sem final, you are been fatigue (24 credit units, very proud!!!). Just rest for few days, start your 3rd sem than. These is your Uni life ba (rush all the credit units). You really need to rest (not sick oh, haha!!!), but you done! Ady enjoy many places and get lots of fun. I know sem 3 is very rush, after mid exam have to submit all the assignments and presentations than straight to final exam, but all ppl also have to face de lor. Actually you are better than many ppl who are no transport or just stay at hostel can’t hang out (I got many juniors like tat). Am I right??? Suddenly feel happiness??? I think start from tis sem you will shift your way of Uni life to more enjoyable ba (study + enjoy = ppl said de Uni life) no more (study + study = “siao” life). Hehehe…anyway really hope u can enjoy your Uni life. Next time play golf dun over lor, (tau sendiri punya tulang tak macam biasa)… take gud care, bl@ bl@!!!

  3. Haha... Uncle Yau very ''chong hei'' ler
    Bl@ know..
    Yup, I really feel this is the starting of my uni life since last time always hiding in room...
    No way, I tell myself, I want to enjoy the last year here... then say good bye to UKM..Lol

  4. bl@ big gal jor, know enjoy the uni life, gud!!!
    lol,you also call me uncle yau, sure i'm "cheong hei" ge la... (not "chong hei", correct ur cantonese)^^